Saturday, 8 September 2018

673) Sally Fairchild

Sally Fairchild (1869 - 1960). Daughter of Charles Fairchild and Elizabeth "Lilly" Nelson. She made quite an impression on some very famous people of that era. There are descriptions of her by George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell, George Santayana, the Fabian leader Beatrice Webb, and the Shakespearean actress Ellen Terry. Shaw took several photographs of her and corresponded with her for many years. She also gave a young Ethel Barrymore a letter of introduction to Shaw.

- "John Singer Sargent was a great friend, and painted many pictures of Sally, who had lovely red hair. Red hair fascinated Sargent."…/slideSingle.asp…

- "Sally’s portrait shows us the striking and self-assured woman Sargent captured that summer in Nahant. Her auburn hair and deep brown eyes..."

Portrait by J. S. Sargent

Sketch by J. S. Sargent

Sketch by J. S. Sargent

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