Tuesday, 4 September 2018

666) Lisa Kirk

Lisa Kirk (born Elsie Kirk, 1925 – 1990). American actress and singer noted for her comic talents and rich contralto (her voice was called a husky alto).
Kirk may be best known for her role in the original Broadway production of Cole Porter's musical, Kiss Me, Kate. Bloom and Vlastnik wrote in their compendium titled Broadway Musicals: the 101 Greatest Shows of All Time that Kirk "hit the jackpot again", introducing "Why Can't You Behave" and "Always True to You (in My Fashion)". Another popular number was the upbeat "Tom, Dick or Harry", performed with Harold Lang as Lucentio, Edwin Clay as Gremio and Charles Wood as Hortensio (suitors to Kirk's "Bianca"). Lewis Nichols writes: "Having startled the town last season by singing 'The Gentleman is a Dope' as though she meant it, Miss Kirk is captivating ... this year as a fully accredited hoyden with a sense of humor."

- "She had a beautiful figure, was tall with red hair, was talented and lively." https://books.google.it/books…

- "As a child she was teased by the kids in Roscoe because of her red hair and freckles and buck teeth." https://triblive.com/x/pittsburght…/…/regional/s_603694.html

- "Lisa tucked her long red hair under a short, curly wig..." https://books.google.it/books…

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