Sunday, 8 September 2019

1115) John Timoney

John Francis Timoney (1948 – 2016). Irish-born American policeman and law enforcement executive. He served as Chief of the Miami Police Department from 2003-10. He was previously Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department (1998–2002) and held a variety of positions with the New York Police Department (1967–96), including its Chief of Department (senior sworn/uniformed position) and First Deputy Commissioner (second position). He worked for the Ministry of the Interior of Bahrain as a police consultant. Timoney drew both international praise and criticism for his handling of mass protests.

- "Timoney, who is fifty-eight, has short reddish-gray hair and the ruddy face of an Irish boxer.

- "... John Timoney, the rough, smart red-haired guy with a big Irish mug..."…

- "With his red hair, ruddy complexion and square jaw, Timoney was Hollywood's image of a tough Irish cop."…

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