Sunday, 15 September 2019

1149) Julia Peterkin

ulia Peterkin (1880 – 1961). American author from South Carolina. In 1929 she won the Pulitzer Prize for Novel/Literature, for her novel Scarlet Sister Mary. She wrote several novels about the plantation South, especially the Gullah people of the Low Country. She was one of the few white authors who wrote about the African-American experience.

- "For Hohman, these pieces represent Julia’s flaming red hair and indefatigable spirit."…/32g5kdnc5mw4njch8n93xkydf4rlsl

- "... the simple white dress she wore, her crown of red hair and her manner as of one hearing invisible voices."…

- "... although Peterkin is 'middle aged', he found her 'fascinating, with red hair and a strange hoarse voice'."…

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