Tuesday, 17 March 2020

1266) John Moray Stuart-Young

John Moray Stuart-Young (1881–1939). English Uranian poet, memoirist, novelist and merchant trader.
He spent many years in Africa, in such diverse places as Sierra Leone, Grand Bassa in Liberia, Conakry in French Guinea and later, Onitsha on the Niger River. In Onitsha, he worked as a trader to some measure of success. He would exchange European goods for African materials such as palm-oil, ivory and rubber.
Stuart-Young published dozens of works, including books of poetry, novels, descriptions of African life and autobiographical works. His poems are closely linked to fin-de-siècle and Uranian themes, being informed by decadence, colonialism and pederasty. 

- "Between 1905 and 1939 a conspicuously tall white man with a shock of red hair, dressed in a silk shirt and white linen trousers, could be seen on the streets of Onitsha, in Eastern Nigeria."  https://www.bibliovault.org/BV.book.epl?ISBN=9780821417102

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