Sunday, 25 August 2019

1041) Hervé L Leroux

Hervé L Leroux (1957 – 2017). French fashion designer and founder of the Hervé Leger fashion house.
In the late 1990s he lost control of his company Hervé Léger and the commercial use of the name in 1999, but he founded his own independently-financed couture house, Hervé L. Leroux, and delivered his first dresses for spring 2000.

- "The name change was suggested by Karl Lagerfeld – "He told me, 'Call yourself Leroux because your hair is red – not as red as it was, because you are older – but anyway it works, and everyone will know who you are.'"

- "Rather than working for another house, he changed his name, to Hervé L. Leroux, at the suggestion of Karl Lagerfeld because of his red hair, and found his own way to redo the future."…/now-you-know-what-happens-when-de…

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