Saturday, 3 August 2019

917) Mickey Free

Mickey Free (b. 1847/1848; d. 1914), birth name Felix Telles. Apache Indian scout and bounty hunter on the American frontier. Following his kidnapping by Apaches as a child, he was raised as one and became a warrior. Later he joined the US Army's Apache scouts, serving at Fort Verde between December 1874 and May 1878 and was given the nickname Mickey Free.

- "Due to his red hair and other features, the soldiers claimed the scout named Feliz, bore a resemblance to a character in Charles Lever's 1840 novel, Charles O'Malley: The Irish Dragoon named "Mickey Free".

- "She had a little boy who also appeared to be partly of Celtic descent, as he had a red head, and was nicknamed "Micky Free.…

- "The Indians killed all the strangers except a “small red-haired, blue eyed, freckled baby boy, Micky Free, whom they took captive and raised as an Apache."…/123…/2484/KesselMayerhoff.pdf…

- "He had long, fiery red hair and one blue eye, the other having been hooked out by a wounded deer when he was twelve years old. He had a small, red mustache, and a “mug” that looked like the original map of Ireland."

- "His hair was long and fire red."…

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