Wednesday, 7 August 2019

928) Bill Doolin

William "Bill" Doolin (1858 – 1896). American bandit outlaw and founder of the Wild Bunch, a gang that specialized in robbing banks, trains, and stagecoaches in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas during the 1890s.

- "At six feet two inches tall and a mere 150 pounds, outlaw Bill Doolin was a stringbean cowboy with auburn hair, blue eyes and reportedly wore a “ragged brindled” mustache."

- "The son of a Johnson County, Arkansas, farmer, Doolin was six feet, two inches tall, weighted 150 pounds, had auburn hair, blue eyes, a hooked nose and wore a ragged mustache."…/learn/historyculture/bill-doolin.htm

- "Here Emmett became the saddle companion of slender, six-foot-two, auburn-haired, drooping-moustached, gander-blue-eyed Bill Doolin.…

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