Monday, 5 August 2019

923) Sam Brown

Sam Brown (1831 - 1861). Alabama-born outlaw, active during the California and Nevada Gold Rushes. He and his boys robbed gold and payrolls in both locations.
On July 6th, 1861, in Genoa, Nevada, he harassed German innkeeper Henry Van Sickle, pulling a pistol and chasing him through his own establishment in front of over two dozen guests. July 7th saw the rematch, as Van Sickle engaged Brown in a running gunfight and eventually shot him to death. Accounts claim Brown had killed between 15-20 men.
Henry Van Sickle went on to be a major figure in Nevada politics. The man’s clash with Long-Haired Sam Brown and subsequent career was, by some accounts, the inspiration for the fictional short story by Dorothy M. Johnson The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

- "He stood 6 foot tall, weighed 200 lbs. and had long flaming red hair and whiskers."

- "His face had a florid complexion, topped by coarse red hair and long whiskers."

- "... Long-Haired Sam Brown had a beard and long red hair..."…/gunmen-of-mystery-from-the-old-…/

- "It was Stewart, red-haired like the loutish Brown, but a bigger man..."

Van Sickle station in Genoa, Nevada

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