Wednesday, 13 June 2018

86) Madeleine Béjart

Madeleine Béjart (1618 - 1672). French actress and theatre director, one of the most famous French stage actors of the 17th-century.
In 1643 she co-founded, with Molière, the Illustre Théâtre, of which she was co-director. She was described as a skillful administrator with the ability to avoid conflicts among the staff. She could freely choose to perform any of the roles in the plays by Molière. 

"The famous Madeleine Béjart had flaming red hair and a magnetic personality on stage"

 - "Her name was Madeleine Béjart. She had glorious Venetian-red hair, like Titian's saint for whom she was named."…

- "Madeleine Béjart, the actress whose red hair had inflamed others besides Molière..."…

- "Madeleine was already an experienced actress by 1641 and by all accounts a red-haired beauty admired by all."…

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