Thursday, 16 August 2018

563) Helen Gloag

Helen Gloag (1750–1790), of Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland, became the Empress of Morocco.

- "Due to her beauty, red hair, and green eyes, the Sultan added her to his harem. His infatuation toward her resulted in her becoming his fourth wife and eventually 'principal' or favourite wife, and later being given the title of Empress."

- "Helen was a striking woman of considerable beauty with red hair and green eyes and it seems the Sultan was very taken with this new addition to his harem."…/g/helengloag.html

- "Captured by pirates while trying to emigrate to America, sold at a North African slave market and then wed to the Sultan of Morocco after he became smitten with her red hair and green eyes, the story of Perthshire teenager Helen Gloag is fantastical stuff."…/the-perthshire-country-girl-who-…

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