Monday, 20 August 2018

590) Muhammad I of Granada

Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Yusuf ibn Nasr (1195 – 1273). First ruler of the Emirate of Granada, the last independent Muslim state on the Iberian Peninsula, and the founder of its ruling Nasrid dynasty.

- "... soprannominato al-Aḥmar (il Rosso) per la colorazione rossiccia della barba." [nicknamed al-Aḥmar (the Red) because of the reddish shade of his beard]

- "Muhammad I of Granada, also known as ibn Al-Ahmar (“the son of the red”). The Alhambra, in this theory, inherits its name from the hair of the King of Granada."…/l…/the-origin-of-the-name-alhambra/

- "He got nickname“Al-hambra” because of his red hair and beard."

- "The founder of the dinasty of the Beny-Nasr, an Arab named Ibn-el-Ahmar, or the "Red man" because of his fair skin and hair..."…

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