Sunday, 26 August 2018

617) Marcelle Lender

Marcelle Lender (1862 – 1926). French singer, dancer and entertainer made famous in paintings by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
Born Anne-Marie Marcelle Bastien, she began dancing at the age of sixteen and within a few years made a name for herself performing at the Théâtre des Variétés in Paris.

- "Lautrec's portrait of her in full costume, her flame-red hair accentuated by two red poppies worn like plumes, boosted Lender's popularity considerably after it appeared in a Paris magazine."

- "Among Toulouse-Lautrec's favorite subjects was the red-headed actress Marcelle Lender."

- "Captivating audiences with her elaborate outfits and red hair, French singer, dancer, and entertainer, Marcelle Lender (1862 -1926) was a favorite among many."…/mademoiselle…/id/w-3908

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