Wednesday, 29 August 2018

646) Ethel Cushing

Ethel Cushing (née Cochrane, 1882 - 1948). Wife and model of the painter Howard Gardiner Cushing, by whom she had four children: Olivia, Lily, Howard and Alexander. In 1916 her husband died and in 1926 she married James Denison Sawyer, a Wall Street stock broker.

- "Ethel Cochrane Cushing, with her alabaster skin, almond shaped eyes and long golden red hair, was the favorite model of her husband, artist Howard Gardiner Cushing."

- "The flame-haired Ethel was her husband's favorite model. He produced portrait after portrait of the lithe socialite. Ethel often appeared in portraits garbed in Japanese kimonos or other Asian influenced garments, her skin always albaster-white and her hair fiery red."…/the-howard-gardiner…

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