Thursday, 30 August 2018

649) Kathleen Rockwell

Kathleen Eloise Rockwell (1873 – 1957), best known as "Klondike Kate", and later known as Kate Rockwell Warner Matson Van Duren. She gained her fame as a dancer and vaudeville star during the Klondike Gold Rush, where she met Alexander Pantages who later became a very successful vaudeville/motion picture mogul. She gained notoriety for her flirtatious dancing and ability to keep hard-working miners happy if not inebriated.

- "She was Kathleen "Kitty" Rockwell Matson, a red-haired beauty who was a popular performer in Dawson City..."…

- "In Dawson, Klondike Kate was famous for her red-gold hair, charisma and happy-go-lucky style on stage."…

- ""Klondike Kate" Rockwell was headline news, off and on, for 50 years. She inspired a book, a play and a movie -- all telling and retelling the story of the red-haired New York chorus beauty who mined enough from gold miners' pouches to amass her own fortune."
- "A fiery, red-headed beauty glided out before the crowd, her violent eyes smiling."…/

- "Describing Kate in “Good Time Girls,” author Lael Morgan writes, “She had natural red hair, violet eyes, long black lashes and a splendid figure."…/despite-that-boa-klondike-kat…/

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