Tuesday, 28 August 2018

643) Julia Stephen

Julia Prinsep Stephen (née Jackson; 1846 – 1895). Celebrated English woman, noted for her beauty as a Pre-Raphaelite model and philanthropist. She was the wife of the biographer Leslie Stephen and mother of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell, members of the Bloomsbury Group.
Julia Jackson was born in Calcutta to an Anglo-Indian family, and when she was two her mother and her two sisters moved back to England. She became the favourite model of her aunt, the celebrated photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, who made more than 50 portraits of her.

- "Rose Pargiter has the same red hair and blue eyes as Julia Stephen..." https://books.google.it/books…

The Princess Sabra Led to the Dragon (1866) by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

The Annunciation (1879)  by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Julia Stephen by Jacques-Emile Blanche

Portrait by George Frederic Watts

Photograph taken by Julia Margaret Cameron, who used to say this was the favourite picture of all her works

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