Sunday, 26 August 2018

623) Teresa Guiccioli

Teresa, Contessa Guiccioli (1800–1873). Married lover of Lord Byron while he was living in Ravenna, Italy, and writing the first five cantos of Don Juan. She wrote the biographical account Lord Byron's Life in Italy.
On 19 January 1818, Teresa married Count Guiccioli. It was three days later, on 22 January, that she met Lord Byron at the home of Countess Albrizzi.
Alexandre Dumas included her as a minor character in his novel The Count of Monte Cristo using the disguised name "Countess G-". Lord Byron also used this shortened name in his journals.

- "She was auburn-haired with a lovely bust and shoulders, only nineteen, well educated, and like Augusta she had a fine sense of the ridiculous."…/italian-royals-arist…

- "A sort of Italian Caroline Lamb, except that she is much prettier and not so savage, but she has the same red-hot head."…

- "A gentle, blushing girl of eighteen, with a poor figure but a brilliant complexion and a mass of lovely auburn hair..."…

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