Saturday, 4 August 2018

498) Gerda Taro

Gerta Pohorylle (1910 – 1937), known professionally as Gerda Taro. German war photographer active during the Spanish Civil War. She is regarded as the first woman photojournalist to have died while covering the frontline in a war.

- "...and Taro had become known as an anti-fascist figure—and as “the little red fox,” thanks to her red hair and tiny stature."…/gerda-taro-google-doodle-honors-the-pione…/

- "Taro’s strawberry blonde hair, speed, and size earned her the nickname “little red fox.…/47647-gerda-taro-how-the-fearless…

- "In Paris, Ms Taro, known as “the little red fox” for her ginger hair and small stature..."…/gerda-taro-google-doodle-de…

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