Thursday, 2 August 2018

477) Anne Meara

Anne Meara (1929 – 2015). American actress and comedian. Along with her husband Jerry Stiller, she was one-half of a prominent 1960s comedy team, Stiller and Meara. She also was featured on stage, in television, and in numerous films, and later she became a playwright. Mother of actor Ben Stiller.

. "Anne Meara came onto the stage, her red hair flying."…

- "Born in Brooklyn on Sept. 20, 1929, she was a red-haired, Irish-Catholic girl..."…/long-time-actress-and-comedian-anne-m…

- "Red-haired actress and comedian who first found fame as part of a comedy act with her husband, Jerry Stiller."…/anne-meara-mn0000863753/biography

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