Sunday, 5 August 2018

501) Shari Lewis

Phyllis Naomi Hurwitz (1933 – 1998), better known as Shari Lewis. American ventriloquist, puppeteer, children's entertainer and television show host. She was best known as the original puppeteer of the sock puppet Lamb Chop, first appearing on Hi Mom, a local morning television show that aired on WRCA-TV (now WNBC-TV) in New York City.

- "By 1960, the perky, pint-sized performer with the flaming red hair had her own show."

- "But Shari Lewis looked just as she did in 1967, except she'd had her red hair permed."…/style/daily/sharilewis2.htm

- "Starring the effervescent and multitalented Ms. Lewis with her flaming red hair..."…/09/shari-lewis.html

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