Thursday, 11 June 2020

1311) John A. Feeney

John Augustine Feeney (1854 - 1936). Father of film director John Ford and of actor, writer and director Francis Ford.
Feeney was born in Spiddal, County Galway, Ireland. His grandmother, Barbara Morris, was said to be a member of an impoverished branch of a family of the Irish nobility, the Morrises of Spiddal (headed at present by Lord Killanin).
He and Barbara Curran (1855 - 1933) arrived in Boston and Portland respectively in May and June 1872. They married in 1875 and became American citizens five years later on September 11, 1880. They had eleven children.
John Augustine lived in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood of Portland, Maine, with his family, and would try farming, fishing, working for the gas company, running a saloon, and being an alderman.

- "A dashing figure with his red hair and broad mustache, Grampy Feeney was also a marvelous storyteller who passed on his 'touch of the poet' to his sons John and Francis."…

- "He would grow into a tall, rawboned man with a jaunty stride, red hair and mustache..."…/quotsearching-for-john-ford-a-lif…
- "Sponsored by his cousin, Michael Connolly, red-haired Feeney at eighteen determined to seek his fortune in the New World."…

Feeney and his son John Ford

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