Wednesday, 17 June 2020

1327) Berrien "Red" Kinnard Upshaw

Berrien "Red" Kinnard Upshaw (1901 – 1949). First husband of novelist Margaret Mitchell.
In 1919 he was appointed to the United States Naval Academy, but resigned for academic deficiencies on January 5, 1920. He was readmitted in May, then 19 years old, and spent two months at sea before resigning a second time on September 1, 1920. Unsuccessful in his educational pursuits and with no job, in 1922 Upshaw earned money bootlegging alcohol out of the Georgia mountains.
Although her family disapproved, Mitchell and Red married on 1922; the best man at their wedding was John Marsh, who would become her second husband. The couple resided at the Mitchell home with her father. By December the marriage to Upshaw had dissolved and he left. Mitchell suffered physical and emotional abuse, the result of Upshaw's alcoholism and violent temper. Upshaw agreed to an uncontested divorce after John Marsh gave him a loan and Mitchell agreed not to press assault charges against him. Upshaw and Mitchell were divorced on 1924.

- "As his nickname suggests, his hair was a dark red."…

- "He was “broad-shouldered, six feet and two inches, had brick-red hair, green eyes, and a cleft chin”..."

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