Wednesday, 18 July 2018

435) John Glenn

John Herschel Glenn, Jr. (1921 – 2016). United States Marine Corps aviator, engineer, astronaut, and United States Senator from Ohio. In 1962 he was the first American to orbit the Earth, circling it three times.

- "Glenn is 5 feet 10-1/2 inches tall, weighs 168 pounds and has green eyes and red hair."…/astronau…/e-to-h/GlennJH.html

- “He looked like a balding and slightly tougher version of the cutest-looking freckle-faced country boy you ever saw,” Mr. Wolfe wrote. “He had a snub nose, light-hazel eyes, reddish-blond hair and a terrific smile.”…

- "I weighed nine pounds and had my mother's red hair."

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