Saturday, 31 August 2019

1079) Robert E. McLaughlin

Robert Emmet McLaughlin (1908 – 1973). American journalist and author. He was an editor at Time magazine for more than 20 years (1948–1969). He was the author of numerous short stories, three novels and The Heartland, volume in the Time-Life Library of America series.
He came to prominence during WW-II with his short stories about army life in the New Yorker.
Following the war, he joined the staff of Time magazine as a contributing editor. He remained there for more than twenty years, working in 23 of the magazine's departments.
In addition to his short stories, he was the author of three novels, The Side of the Angels (1947), The Walls of Heaven (1951), and The Notion of Sin (1959).

- "Robert E. McLaughlin, a red-headed divorcé from Chicago, was writing short stories for The New Yorker during the summer of 1940..."…

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