Thursday, 1 August 2019

913) Robert Benge

Robert "Bob" Benge (c. 1762–1794), called Captain Benge (or "The Bench" to frontiersmen). One of the most feared Cherokee leaders on the frontier during the Cherokee–American wars (1783-1794) in the area of present-day Southwest Virginia.
He was the son son of a Cherokee woman, Wurteh Watts, and a Scots-Irish trader named John Benge, who lived full-time among the Cherokee.

- "Robert grew up as a Cherokee, but with his red hair, European look, and his good command of English, he could also pass as a pure Euro-American."

- "Also known as the Bench, he was a red-headed Chickamauga War Cherokee Chief, half-brother of Sequoyah and son of John Benge and Red Paint Clan Mother, Wurteh Watts."

- "Robert Benge lived at Wills Town and was a quarter-blood, red-headed Chickamauga Warrior."…/wills-town-and-will…

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