Sunday, 8 July 2018

340) Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

Frederick II (1194 - 1250), also known as "Stupor mundi" (wonder of the world). Holy Roman Emperor. King of Italy, Sicily, Germany and Jerusalem. Grandson of Frederick I.
"His talents earned the stocky, red-haired monarch the nickname stupor mundi, "the world's wonder."
"A well-built man of middling height, he had the red hair of his German forebears, green eyes and sensual lips"
A Damascene chronicler, Sibt ibn al-Jawzi, left a physical description of Frederick based on the testimony of those who had seen the emperor in person in Jerusalem: "The Emperor was covered with red hair, was bald and myopic. Had he been a slave, he would not have fetched 200 dirhams at market." Frederick's eyes were described variously as blue, or "green like those of a serpent.",_Holy_Roman_Emperor

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