Thursday, 12 July 2018

365) Elinor Glyn

Elinor Glyn (née Sutherland, 1864 – 1943). British novelist and scriptwriter who specialised in romantic fiction that was considered scandalous for its time. She popularized the concept of the It-girl, and had tremendous influence on early 20th-century popular culture and, possibly, on the careers of notable Hollywood stars such as Rudolph ValentinoGloria Swanson and, especially, Clara Bow.
Sister of fashion designer Lucy Duff-Gordon

- "A striking beauty with red hair and green eyes, she found herself the centre of extravagant attention..."

- “Lyon described Glyn as "a woman with milk-white skin, tawny red hair & green eyes.…/ElinorGlynInterview.html

- "At the age of 28, the green-eyed, red-haired but dowryless Elinor married on 27 April 1892."  

- "She always had, and she sill has, masses of rich, red-gold hair."

Portrait by Philip de László

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