Saturday, 7 September 2019

1113) George Streeter

George Wellington "Cap" Streeter (1837 – 1921). American who became infamous in Chicago for his real estate schemes and oftentimes bizarre eccentricity. From 1886 to 1921 Streeter, through forgery and other manipulative means, attempted to steal 186 acres (0.75 km2) of Lake Michigan shoreline from various owners. Failing in his efforts to defraud wealthy landowners, he turned to selling the disputed land to uninformed buyers. A portion of the real estate near downtown Chicago, known as Streeterville is named for him.

- "He was a small, wiry-looking man, with red hair and mustache and clean-cut features.…/capta…/captainstreeterp00ball_djvu.txt

- "The captain’s red hair flared like flames and his deep blue eyes dashed wildly across the raging waters..."…/the-cap-the-life-and-times-of-c…/

- "Described by one biographer as having 'red hair'."…

- "The red-haired ex-Union Army soldier, logger, fur trapper, gambler and circus owner..."…

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