Friday, 13 September 2019

1137) Billy Ward

William "Billy" Ward (1993 − 2013). Australian amateur boxer selected for the 2012 Summer Olympics in the light flyweight division.
In 2012 he stepped up to open competition and dropped a weight division to light flyweight. He won both the Australian title and the Oceania Olympic Qualification tournament that year to earn a place at the London Olympic Games.

- "Ward was noted for his short stature and curly red hair. [...] The Gladstone Observer reported that when he returned to Gladstone after winning the Oceania qualifier, he was met by a group of fans wearing red curly wigs.

- "Billy, affectionately known as Red for his iconic curly hair, became a household name when he represented Australia in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

- "BILLY Ward smiles out from his Facebook page, a tiny 20-year-old with a mop of curly red hair and a cheeky grin..."…/53261663e66c845c26909b9e2e…

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