Monday, 30 September 2019

1201) Beulah Annan

Beulah May Annan (née Sheriff; 1899 – 1928). American suspected murderer. Her story inspired Maurine Dallas Watkins's play Chicago in 1926. The play was adapted into a 1927 silent film (with Francine Larrimore as Roxie Hart), a 1975 stage musical, and a 2002 movie musical (which won the Academy Award for Best Picture), all with that title, and a 1942 romantic comedy film, Roxie Hart (with Ginger Rogers as Roxie Hart), named for the character who Annan inspired.

- "They say she’s the prettiest woman ever accused of murder in Chicago—young, slender, with bobbed auburn hair; wide set, appealing blue eyes; up-tilted nose..."

- "Beulah Annan was known as the “prettiest murderess” for her red hair and fair looks."

- "The image proved irresistible: the thin straight nose, the high cheekbones . . . the gorgeous red hair that rolled off her head like a prairie fire,”

- "Beulah Annan wore her red hair in a bob."…

- "With her flaming red hair showing at its best with a fresh trim and marcel, she made a picture which would rival paintings of the famous Titian.…

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