Sunday, 22 September 2019

1175) Samuel Sagan

Samuel Sagan (1905 - 1979). Born in Kamenets-Podolsk (then in the Russian Empire, in today's Ukraine), when he was about five, he and his siblings left for the United States. They were sponsored by their uncle George, who was only about seventeen.
He became a garment worker and married Rachel Gruber in Brooklyn, on March 4, 1933. They had one daughter, Carol, and one son, Carl, who became a famous astronomer and author, winner of the Pulitzer Prize with the book The Dragons of Eden.

- "He was skinny, red-haired, and covered with freckles."

- "Samuel had a head of flaming red hair. "Red" and "Lucky" were his nicknames."

- "He was a gentle man with flaming red hair, a wry sense of humor and a sunny outlook on life."…

- "Known as 'Red' (thanks to his bright red hair) and 'Lucky'..."…

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