Thursday, 26 September 2019

1185) Elizabeth Atkinson Green

Elizabeth Atkinson Green (née Lay, 1897 - 1989). Wife and collaborator of playwright Paul Green, who received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his 1927 play In Abraham's Bosom. They married in 1922 and had four children.
She attended the University of North Carolina from 1917-1920 and received both an undergraduate and a master’s degree. She was considered a gifted playwright by Frederick “Proff” Koch, a dramatic literature professor who founded the Carolina Playmakers, and was the author of the first play — When Witches Ride — performed by the theater troupe. Aside from playwriting, Elizabeth was also a writer for The Daily Tar Heel.

- "I was very proud of my abundant red hair."…/paulgre…/paulgreeniknow02gree_djvu.txt

- "Together with his charming red-haired wife and his own vigorous good looks, he took the town by storm."…

- "... as Lib, the tough-minded and beautiful red-haired Yankee, demanded that her new husband be Paul Eliot Green."…

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