Monday, 1 July 2019

809) Mary Doyle Keefe

Mary Doyle Keefe (1923 - 2015). American telephone operator who, in 1942, modeled for the "Rosie the Riveter" photo by Norman Rockewell. The photo received mass distribution on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post on Memorial Day, May 29, 1943.

- "Mary (who was Mary Doyle at the time) was a nineteen-year-old, six-foot tall, red-haired telephone operator in Arlington, Vermont.

- "The painting shows the red-haired Rosie in blue jean work overalls sitting down... "Other than the red hair and my face, Norman Rockwell embellished Rosie's body," Keefe said in a 2012 interview."…/mary-doyle-keefe-the-original-rosi…

- "She had hair as red as her nails and the Stars and Stripes unfurled behind her."…/mary-doyle-keefe-hvm8ptvfr5r

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