Friday, 12 July 2019

827) Édouard Carouy

Édouard Carouy (1883 - 1913). French anarchist. 
In 1911 hejoined a gang led by Jules Bonnot. Amongst comrades they were known as 'illegalists', which signified more than the simple fact that they carried out illegal acts. Illegal activity has always been part of the anarchist tradition, especially in France.
On 25th March, 1912, the gang stole a De Dion-Bouton car in the Sénart Forest by killing the driver. Later that day they killed two cashiers during an attack on the Société Générale Bank in Chantilly. Leading anarchists in the city were arrested and Edouard Carouy was betrayed by the family hiding him. 
He was sentenced to hard labour for life and committed suicide in prison with poison.
Another red-haired member of the Bonnot gang was René Valet.  

- "Édouard Carouy had meanwhile dyed his hair from red to black..."…

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